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Explore the highest point of Cape Town for views that are second to none!

Founded in 1992, Day Trippers has spend over 20 years exploring Cape Town's most impressive landmark. Offering hiking and MTB opportunities to its highest peaks, their team of professional and passionate guides know more about the silent giant than most.

A company born and bred in the shadow of South Africa's tallest peak, Table Mountain tours have become part of the DNA of Day Trippers. Steadily growing into one of the leading alternative and adventure touring companies in the Western Cape, their active trips are a far cry from the mainstream - aiming to keep tourists and travellers away from honeypot tourism much as possible, with activities such as hiking, biking, cruising, picnicking & swimming.

Part of a huge National Park, Table Mountain is the country’s most photographed attraction, the flat top peak of the mountain reaches 1,086 m above sea level, but being so close to the sea and to the city, its features look more imposing.Besides the mountain, the national park contains another one of South Africa’s attractions, the Cape of Good Hope, the most southern point of the African continent.

Tour Table Mountain by foot or on two wheels with mountain biking and trekking tours from Cape Town, thanks to local experts - DayTrippers.

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