King Crab Safari from Kirkenes

Organized by Norwegian Travel

Activity Snapshot

Fitness level: Everybody welcome
Duration: 3 hrs
Spoken languages: Norwegian, English
Minimum age: From 7 years-old and up
Cancellation policy: moderate More info
Opening seasons:
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Activity description

Embark upon a King crab fishing adventure from Kirkenes, discover the Norwegian wilderness and enjoy a delicious meal of steamed crab legs. Welcoming ages 7 and up! 

Situated in northeastern Norway, Kirkenes is located on the shores of the Bøkfjorden. As such, it is surrounded by fjords, mountains, and tundra, making it a picturesque destination with a distinctive Arctic landscape. Since Kirkenes is positioned near the Barents Sea, it is a must for all seafood lovers as well! 

Your King Crab safari begins at one of the listed meeting points in Kirkenes or Sandnesdalen (please specify when booking), where you will be greeted by your guide. After the 15-minute drive to the Snowhotel, you will change into your winter gear, including thermal overalls, boots, mittens, a balaclava, and a helmet. Then, you and your group (a maximum of 24 participants) will receive a safety briefing and an overview of the excursion's itinerary. Next, the fun starts! You will board a sled and be pulled by your guide's snowmobile to the crab fishing area. 

As you speed along the snowy landscape, you'll be treated to picturesque views before arriving at the frozen fjord and the King crab traps. You will assist your guide in pulling the traps from the icy water, as they entertain you will fascinating facts about this incredible creature. Surveying your catch, you will also assist in preparing the crabs to eat. After, you'll head back to the Snowhotel to learn about how to cook the King crabs. 

While they are steaming, you can enjoy a relaxing moment with a coffee or tea at the restaurant. Be prepared for a delicious feast! The King crab's legs are served in the Northern Norwegian fashion, with bread, butter, mayonnaise and lemon. In addition, your local expert will teach you the best way to open the crabs' legs. Once you've finished your delicious meal, you'll be taken back to your hotel in Kirkenes. 

Seafood fans and outdoor enthusiasts will rejoice because this tour combines the best of both worlds. Book this King crab safari from Kirkenes for an unforgettable adventure in Norway! 

Offer Description

You can either meet your instructors at Snowhotel Kirkenes or choose one of the two pick-up options: 

- Thon Hotel Kirkenes

- Scandic Hotel Kirkenes

* Please specify when booking. 

Course of events

- Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before departure 

- Pick-up from the Thon or Scandic Hotels (please specify when booking)

- Meet your experienced guide

- Drive to the Snowhotel

- Put on your winter gear (thermal overalls, boots, balaclava, mittens, and helmet)

- Safety and itinerary briefing

- The adventure begins! 

- Set off on a sled pulled by a snowmobile

- Arrival at the crab fishing area

- Pull your trap from the water

- Help prepare the crabs for dinner

- Snowhotel restaurant

- King Crab feast

- Return to the original departure point in Kirkenes

  • Guide
  • Transfer
  • Thermal overalls
  • Boots
  • Mittens
  • Balaclava
  • Helmet
  • Fresh King Crab Meal
  • Coffee and tea
  • Transfer outside of listed locations
Do not forget to bring
  • Warm layers of clothing
  • Wool socks
  • Camera
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by credit card or Paypal
Meeting point
Pick-up OR meet at Snowhotel Kirkenes, Sandnesdalen, 14, 9910 Bjørnevatn, Norway Get directions

Cancellation policy

Cancellation 10 days or more prior to the agreed activity date
You will be automatically refunded for the full amount for the activity
10 days
Cancellation between 4 and 10 days prior to the agreed activity date
You are entitled to a 50% refund
4 days
Cancellation 4 days or later prior to the agreed activity date
No refund will be possible
Weather Guarantee
Regardless of the date, if the activity is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, you will be offered a refund or the chance to reschedule